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Extra strong

ACE x Guarana Chili Boost

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Strong pouch with a exciting taste of Guarana and Habanero Chili


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ACE x Guarana Chili Boost is a powerful Nicotine pouch infused with the essence of an energizing elixir with the flavour of Guarana, combined with the spicy taste of habanero chili.

Ace x Guarana Chili Boost nicotine pouches are a spicy and refined option that doesn’t contain tobacco. This allows for a gently moistened portion that combines flavors and delivers nicotine in a unique way.

The pouches are designed to be sleek, soft, and moist, offering an optimal solution for a discreet and comfortable fit beneath your lip, while also delivering nicotine rapidly. This means you can utilize Ace whenever the urge strikes, without waiting for satisfaction to take hold. Moreover, the contents are entirely free of tobacco, eliminating any concerns about teeth staining and unpleasant breath.

Renowned for its caffeine-packed, energy-boosting seeds found within its fruit—resembling coffee beans in size—Guarana is a well-known Brazilian plant. It serves as a popular coffee substitute due to its remarkably higher caffeine content, containing four times the amount of caffeine found in coffee. Alongside this, Guarana is abundant in nutrients and compounds that promote well-being.

Ace x Guarana Chili Boost have a lot of nicotine in them, with 20mg in each pouch. This makes them really strong in terms of nicotine strength. It sure will give you an extra kick when you need it the most!

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