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GRITT Crisp Ice

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A mint explosion with a strong kick


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GRITT Crisp Ice – the game-changing nicotine pouches that redefine satisfaction – opens up a world of exciting icy delight. These aren’t just standard pouches; they’re a flavor and strength breakthrough, designed to boost your senses and improve your moments.

Consider a world in which tobacco is pushed to the sidelines and All White prills take center stage, offering an arctic combination of mint and salt that dances on your taste senses. GRITT, the innovative Danish maker Ministry of Snus, has created a sensory symphony that exceeds the commonplace.

The avant-garde prill Your experience will be enhanced by the Super Slim format. Slip them under your lip and enter a realm of undiscovered coolness. But don’t be misled by their refined appearance; these prills deliver a powerful punch. They’re not just extremely powerful; with a nicotine level of 16 mg/g, they’re your ticket to a nicotine adventure unlike any other.

Let’s talk about power: GRITT Crisp Ice is not for the faint of heart. Each prill has an amazing strength of 4 Extra Stark and a nicotine content of 1.6%, resulting in a whopping 9.6 mg of pure nicotine bliss. Consider each prill to be a portal to an energizing surge, a burst of cool refreshment that awakens your senses.

When you open a can of GRITT Crisp Ice, you get 20 chances for amazing enjoyment. Each 0.6 gram packet is a compact powerhouse of taste and intensity, expertly portioned for your pleasure. A single can contains an astonishing 12 grams of snus – a treasure trove of frozen bliss.

GRITT Crisp Ice is more than simply a treat; it’s a statement. It’s a journey into uncharted territory in terms of flavor and power. It’s an invitation to escape routine and immerse yourself in an amazing experience designed specifically for you. GRITT Crisp Ice elevates your moments, redefines your appetites, and embraces the icy attraction. Your new nicotine adventure awaits; are you ready to embark?

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