Kapten White Salmiak Extra Strong

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Salty licorice with perfect combination of earthy tobacco character


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Bring a Salmiak twist to your snus experience with Kapten White Salmiak Extra Strong.

Snus fans can take a dramatic step out of the norm with Kapten White Salmiak Extra Strong. In this snus variety, salmiak, a word that is synonymous with salty licorice, takes center stage, giving your snus experience a distinctive and thrilling twist. The distinct fusion of salmiak with the earthy, powerful tobacco flavor that characterizes Kapten snus creates a flavor profile that is genuinely remarkable and distinguishes this product from the competition.

Extra Strong Nicotine Kick: The Kapten White Salmiak Extra Strong has power in addition to flavor. This snus appeals to people who value an increased snus experience by providing a gentle kick with extra powerful nicotine levels. This product is a great option for seasoned snus consumers because it subtly incorporates power and intensity into every facet of its design.

The pouch bags of Kapten White Salmiak Extra Strong are fully packed, resulting in a comfortable and gratifying fit beneath your lip. They are full, soft, and dryer. They are significantly dryer than conventional original portion formats and have a delicate feel. This design puts user comfort first while reducing drip to keep your snus experience convenient and clean.

The Salt Advantage: Compared to non-Swedish snus, Swedish snus is recognized for having a somewhat higher salt content. Since salt works as a flavor enhancer, just like it does in food, this is not by accident but on purpose. New users may need some time to get used to this unique characteristic, while seasoned snusers value the edge and powerful taste that gives Swedish snus. Snus enthusiasts continue to purchase Swedish snus, notably Kapten, because of its distinctive quality.

Improve Your Snus Experience with Kapten White Salmiak Extra Strong, an intriguing change from conventional snus flavors. It demonstrates Kapten’s dedication to innovation and its capacity to create unique and satisfying snus experiences. Kapten White Salmiak Extra Strong is the snus for you if you want to increase your snus experience with a fascinating salmiak and tobacco blend. In every pouch, you’ll find the ideal combination of innovation and history.

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