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Klint Freeze Mint #4

Articlenumber: 285744303

A sharp, slightly sweet peppermint and invigorating menthol combine to create an intense burst of freshness


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Klint Freeze Mint #4: Unleash the Arctic Chill

Klint Freeze Mint #4, the powerhouse in the KLINT family, is a game-changer for nicotine enthusiasts. Boasting an astounding 16mg/g or 11.2mg per pouch, it stands as the most potent offering in the KLINT lineup. Prepare yourself for an exhilarating minty experience like no other.

Arctic Freshness: KLINT Freeze Mint delivers a rush of icy coolness that leaves you feeling as if you’ve stepped into the Arctic. Its sharp, slightly sweet peppermint and invigorating menthol combine to create an intense burst of freshness. If you’re on the hunt for a pouch that packs a powerful punch, your search ends here.

A Tooth-Friendly Alternative: When you crack open a can of KLINT Freeze Mint, you’ll notice the pure white color of these nicotine pouches. What sets them apart is their complete absence of tobacco. This means no worries about teeth staining, unpleasant dripping, or lingering tobacco odors. You get pure minty bliss with every pouch.

Slim Design, Discreet Enjoyment: KLINT Freeze Mint features slim pouches that fit snugly under your lip, ensuring a discreet and comfortable experience. The slightly moistened outer surface of each pouch facilitates the gradual release of mint, menthol, and nicotine, keeping you pleasantly refreshed throughout your journey.

The Habit Factory’s Innovation: KLINT is a product of The Habit Factory, an innovative player in the Stockholm scene. While it may be a relatively young brand compared to the tobacco industry giants, it represents the modern generation’s perspective on smokeless products. The Habit Factory’s commitment to crafting contemporary alternatives is both refreshing and promising.

Experience the Arctic Blast: KLINT Freeze Mint is your ticket to an Arctic adventure in the world of nicotine pouches. With its mind-blowing minty intensity, extra-strong nicotine hit, and tooth-friendly properties, it’s the ultimate choice for those who crave an exceptional and frosty experience. Are you ready to unleash the Arctic blast? Try KLINT Freeze Mint and get ready to be swept off your feet.

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