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Klint Polar Mint #3

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Exhilarating journey with its icy mint flavor


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Klint Polar Mint #3: An Intense Minty Nicotine Pouch

Klint Polar Mint #3, crafted by Habit Factory, introduces you to a nicotine pouch like no other. These All White pouches, devoid of traditional tobacco, offer a fresh perspective on nicotine consumption. With a strong nicotine content and a sleek slim format, they provide a discreet and comfortable fit under your lip.

An Icy Mint Sensation: Klint Polar Mint #3 takes your taste buds on an exhilarating journey with its icy mint flavor. It offers a cooling sensation that provides a refreshing and invigorating experience, making it the ultimate choice for mint enthusiasts.

Sustainable Freshness: With a shelf life of approximately 12 months, these nicotine pouches ensure you can relish their intense minty flavor for an extended period. Featuring a moisture content of 47%, they retain their freshness, guaranteeing the preservation of flavor and nicotine quality.

Strong Nicotine Strength: Klint Polar Mint #3 boasts a nicotine strength of 3. Each pouch contains 8.4 mg of nicotine, resulting in a nicotine content of 1.2% per pouch. With 24 pouches in every snus can, you’ll have a total of 16.8 grams of snus at your disposal.

Habit Factory Quality: Klint Polar Mint #3 is meticulously crafted by Habit Factory, a renowned name known for its commitment to delivering quality and innovation in the world of nicotine pouches. Each pouch is a testament to their dedication to providing a satisfying and enjoyable experience.

Elevate Your Nicotine Experience: If you’re searching for a tobacco-free nicotine option that offers an intense minty taste and strong nicotine content, Klint Polar Mint #3 is your go-to choice. With its discreet slim format and long-lasting freshness, it’s designed to enhance your nicotine enjoyment. Elevate your nicotine experience with Klint Polar Mint #3 and savor the icy minty sensation it brings.

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