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Klint Spicy Ginger Mini #4

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Brings the heat with a potent combination of spicy ginger and fiery chili


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Klint Spicy Ginger Mini #4: Unleash the Heat

Klint Spicy Ginger Mini #4, an All White snus crafted by the renowned Swedish manufacturer, Habit Factory, is not for the faint-hearted. With an extra-high nicotine content, these mini pouches come in a compact size for discreet and comfortable use under your lip. Brace yourself for an intense flavor experience, featuring spicy ginger, chili, zesty orange, a medley of hot spices, and a hint of coconut.

Heat Meets Flavor: Klint Spicy Ginger Mini #4 brings the heat with a potent combination of spicy ginger and fiery chili. This is perfectly balanced by the citrusy zing of orange and a blend of other bold spices. A touch of coconut adds a hint of creaminess to the mix, resulting in a complex and exhilarating flavor profile that’s truly unique.

Extra Strength Kick: These mini pouches mean business with a nicotine strength of 4 Extra Stark, delivering a substantial 8.2 mg of nicotine per mini pouch. This strength provides an intense nicotine kick, perfect for those who crave a powerful and invigorating sensation.

Mini for Discretion: Klint Spicy Ginger Mini #4 boasts a mini format, ensuring each pouch sits discreetly under your lip. Enjoy your nicotine experience without drawing attention, and say goodbye to worries about staining your teeth.

Long-Lasting Freshness: With a shelf life of approximately 12 months, you can trust that your Klint Spicy Ginger Mini #4 pouches will remain fresh and full of flavor for an extended period.

Crafted by Habit Factory: Habit Factory, a renowned Swedish manufacturer, is the creative force behind Klint Spicy Ginger Mini #4. Their commitment to quality and innovation in tobacco-free nicotine products ensures a bold and authentic flavor experience.

Embrace the Heat: Klint Spicy Ginger Mini #4 is designed for those who seek intensity in their nicotine experience. Whether you’re a spice enthusiast or simply intrigued by unique flavor combinations, these mini pouches offer a discreet, fiery, and exhilarating nicotine adventure. Dive into the world of bold flavors with Klint Spicy Ginger Mini #4 and let each pouch ignite your taste buds with its captivating blend of heat and complexity.

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