Knox Karaktär Blue Strong White

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Earthy flavor of tobacco, which is complemented by the herbal warmth of juniper and the floral note of bergamot


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Knox Karaktär Blue Strong White will take your Snus experience to the next level.

Knox Karaktär Blue Strong White calls to those with polished tastes who want a more refined snus experience. This snus takes you on a trip of flavors that are both subtle and sophisticated. The base is made up of the earthy flavor of tobacco, which is complemented by the herbal warmth of juniper and the floral note of bergamot. The result is a carefully matched set of flavors that will make your taste buds happy. But keep in mind that this snus is powerful, with 12 mg of nicotine per pouch. If you’ve never tried snus before, you might want to be careful because of how strong it is.

The Beauty of White Portions: Knox Karaktär Blue Strong White comes in white portions, which have many benefits. You no longer have to worry about your teeth getting stained, so you can enjoy the amazing flavor and nicotine release without stress. The dry surface of the white parts reduces dripping, making the mouth cleaner and more pleasant. Also, the dryness makes the whole experience last longer, giving you more pleasure than you might have thought. In the end, the white portion style makes your snus experience better in every way.

Knox Karaktär: Made for You, by You: Skruf Snus AB made the Knox Karaktär line to show how much it cares about what its customers want. This line builds on Knox’s reputation for quality and clean taste by adding natural flavors to make snus that is truly made for you and by you.

Explore a World of tastes: With Knox Karaktär Blue Strong White, you can dive into the complex world of snus tastes. This is the best snus to choose if you want a mix of earthiness, botanicals, and strong tobacco that is perfectly balanced. From its earthy undertones to the long-lasting pleasure of nicotine, Knox Karaktär Blue Strong White goes above and beyond your expectations, giving you a snus experience that is both refined and unique. Immerse yourself in the subtlety that each pouch hides and enjoy the high quality that Knox always provides.

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Bergamot, Juniperberry, Tobacco

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