Knox Karaktär Red White

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Beautiful mix of four delicious berries: mulberry, blackberry, strawberry, and raspberry


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Knox Karaktär Red White gives you a taste you can’t see.

Don’t let the name fool you; Knox Karaktär Red White is not your average snus. It’s a snus that has a really complex taste profile, with tartness, sweetness, earthiness, and woodiness all coming together. Prepare your taste buds for a beautiful mix of four delicious berries: mulberry, blackberry, strawberry, and raspberry. They will all dance on your mouth in perfect harmony. And just when you think it can’t get any better, a strong but faint undertone of tobacco anchors the whole taste symphony. With 12 mg/g, or 10 mg per pouch, of nicotine, Knox Karaktär Red White has a satisfying nicotine kick to go with its great taste.

The Art of White Portions: Knox Karaktär Red White comes in the form of white portion snus, which offers a unique and complex experience. These pieces are a little bit drier, which slows down the release of both taste and nicotine. But this delay adds to the pleasure by making the taste last longer and giving a satisfying nicotine buzz. The fact that there is no annoying dripping adds to the pleasure. The shape of these pieces is unique, and the super-soft material makes them feel bigger under your lip and makes them easy to use.

Knox: Quality at a Price You Can Afford: The Knox line is well-known for being both high-quality and affordable. Knox Karaktär Red White is no different. It has high-quality snus that won’t break your budget. Knox is made by Skruf Snus AB, a Swedish company that has been around for a long time and has a great name in the industry. It continues to impress snus fans all over the world.

Unlock the Flavor: With Knox Karaktär Red White, you can dive into a world of rich flavors. If you want a snus that tastes like a mix of berries, earth, and rich tobacco, this is your ticket to a snus experience you’ll never forget. From the first burst of berry flavor to the long-lasting satisfaction of the nicotine, Knox Karaktär Red White is a snus that raises your standards and tastes. Explore the depths of taste in each pouch and enjoy the best that Knox has to offer.

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Blackberries, Mulberry, Raspberry, Strawberry

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