LD Salmiak Portion Strong

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Hints of spice and licorice to round out the tobacco flavor


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LD Salmiak Portion Strong lets you taste delicious excellence.

LD Salmiak Portion Strong is a snus that has a wonderful mix of flavors that have been carefully matched to make it taste great. With hints of spice and licorice to round out the tobacco flavor, this product is sure to be a standout addition to your snus mix.

A Symphony of Tastes: The licorice blend in LD Salmiak Portion Strong gives it a unique salty-sweet note. This gives the flavors more depth and variety, making each pouch a symphony of flavors that dance together on your tongue. It’s a great choice for people who want something different from their snus.

Strength for the Pros: LD Salmiak Portion Strong is made for people who have used snus before. It has 14 mg/g of nicotine, which gives it that extra kick that long-time snus fans enjoy. If you want a strong and pleasant nicotine experience, LD Salmiak Portion Strong gives you what you want.

Regular Size, Maximum Comfort: Each LD Salmiak Portion Strong pouch is 0.9 grams and is a standard size. When you put a pouch under your upper lip, it will fit well and stay in place because of this shape. You can enjoy your snus without having to worry about moving, which makes the experience more intense.

Flavor and nicotine are released quickly: The substance of LD Salmiak Portion Strong pouches are slightly moist, which makes it easy for the nicotine and taste to come out quickly. This feature makes this snus stronger overall, so you can enjoy the strong taste and satisfying nicotine hit right away.

Quality and Responsibility: Nordic Snus, the business that makes LD, is committed to both quality and responsibility. Their modern production center, which used to be an old historic mill, shows how much they care about doing a good job. This facility not only makes great snus, but it also uses clean energy from a water plant, which cuts down on carbon emissions and helps build a better future.

Helping to make the world a better place: Nordic Snus is an active participant in the ARISE project, which aims to end child labor. This shows that they care not only about the environment but also about the well-being of people all over the world.

You’re not just getting a great snus with LD Salmiak Portion Strong; you’re also getting a product that shows a commitment to quality, taste, and social responsibility. Today, try LD Salmiak Portion Strong to take your snus experience to the next level.

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