Loop Cassis Bliss Strong

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Delicate flavor of delicious black currants and wild berries


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LOOP Cassis Bliss Strong, a groundbreaking addition to the legendary Loop family, unlocks a world of exquisite enjoyment. Immerse yourself in a nicotine experience unlike any other as we guide you through the complexities of this extraordinary product that is poised to redefine your snus consumption.

LOOP Cassis Bliss Strong is more than just a snus; it embodies innovation and modernity. It appears as a true pioneer in the field of nicotine pouches, commonly known as All White pouches. Another Snus Factory’s skilled artisans created this snus, which represents a new era in nicotine enjoyment, delivering a tobacco-free alternative that’s as intense as it is satisfying.

Accept the allure of the Slim format, a monument to contemporary style and moderation. These painstakingly created prillas are designed to sit comfortably under your lip, providing both comfort and privacy. Each prilla is more than simply a nicotine delivery device; it’s a statement of sustainability and environmental responsibility, housed within the groundbreaking 100% bioplast PlantCan™-dosa.

Explore the delicate flavor of delicious black currants and wild berries as you embark on an amazing flavor journey. This isn’t just a snus; it’s a symphony of flavors meant to stimulate your senses and redefine your palate.

But first, let’s speak about strength: LOOP Cassis Bliss Strong isn’t here to play. Each prilla contains a potent 9.4 mg of nicotine and has a remarkable 3 Stark potency level. In percentage words, that’s a nicotine level of 1.5%, ready to energize your moments like never before. Each dosa comes with 22 prillas, each weighing 0.625 grams. The end result? A total snus weight of 13.75 grams per can demonstrates both strength and satisfaction.

Expect a long-lasting enjoyment, as this All White snus has a shelf life of about 12 months, providing months of steady satisfaction.

Explore the carefully chosen elements that make up this symphony of flavor: fiber, water, sweeteners, nicotine, aromas, acidity regulators, anti-clumping agents, salt, humectants, and preservatives. This harmonic combination embodies the essence of flavor and innovation, ensuring an unmatched experience.

LOOP Cassis Bliss Strong is more than a snus; it’s an invitation to discover a world of strong flavors and substantial delight. It’s a tribute to flavor innovation, a celebration of modern design, and a confession of your desire for indulgence. Are you ready to elevate your moments, transform your snus experience, and embark on a voyage of unparalleled pleasure with LOOP Cassis Bliss Strong? The route to tasty enjoyment is waiting for you; take the first step toward a world of enticing sensations.

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