Loop Hot Mango Strong

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Dance of sweet and hot flavors from mango & chili


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LOOP Hot Mango Strong, which used to be called LOOP Mango Tango Strong, will take you on an electrifying trip of taste and satisfaction. This snus was made by the creative minds at Another Snus Factory. It’s more than just a product—it’s an escape into a world of intense feelings and bold new ideas.

Step into the future of snus with LOOP Hot Mango Strong, a surprise from All White that is changing the way people enjoy snus. These pouches change the rules of the game by giving you the nicotine rush you want without the tobacco. With a sleek Slim design, they fit easily under your lip and let you enjoy them in a way that is in line with current tastes.

Experience a symphony of tastes that can’t be found anywhere else. Immerse yourself in the beautiful dance of sweet and hot flavors created when fresh mango, a hint of lime, and a dash of chili are mixed together. It’s not just a pouch; it’s a carefully designed experience that caters to your senses and leaves a lasting impression on your taste buds.

But the new ideas don’t stop there. The wrapping is also new. Meet PlantCan, the can made entirely of plants that can hold your LOOP Hot Mango Strong prillas. Not only does it hold your treat, but it also promises to be environmentally friendly because it is made to be recycled and give back to the environment that gives you such delicious tastes.

As long as we’re talking about strength, let’s look at the numbers that make LOOP Hot Mango Strong stand out. Each prilla packs a powerful 1.5% nicotine punch and has a strong 3 Stark strength level. Imagine the rush, the thrill, and the pleasure that each serving will bring. With 22 prillas in each dosa and each prilla weighing 0.625 grams, each dose of snus weighs a total of 13.75 grams, which is the perfect combination of strength and pleasure.

Experience its lifespan like you’ve never had it before, because LOOP Hot Mango Strong is guaranteed to taste great for about a year.

Untangle the carefully chosen chemicals that make up this symphony of flavor: fiber, water, sweeteners, nicotine, aromas, anti-clumping agents, acidity regulators, sodium chloride, and preservatives. It’s a well-balanced mix that says a lot about the art of making flavors.

LOOP Hot Mango Strong is more than just snus; it’s an experience ready to be enjoyed. It’s a tribute to creativity, a celebration of strong flavors, and a tribute to what you want. Are you ready to take your moments to the next level, change the way you think about things, and dive into the world of LOOP Hot Mango Strong? Your journey to new pleasures starts right now.

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