Lundgrens Lägereld

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Smoky essence of juniper blends harmoniously with the earthiness of blackcurrant leaves


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Experience Lundgrens Lägereld: A Flavorful Creation by British American Tobacco

Lundgrens Lägereld, crafted by the esteemed British American Tobacco, introduces a new dimension to your snus experience. These white portion snus pouches are meticulously perforated to provide an enhanced flavor release. Prepare to savor the delightful taste of smoked juniper and blackcurrant leaves, complemented by hints of elderflower and the freshness of spring.

Indulge in Perfectly Perforated Portions: Lundgrens Lägereld brings innovation to your snus experience with its specially perforated portions. These tiny holes allow for the swift release of both nicotine and flavor, ensuring you enjoy the rich and nuanced tobacco character with every pouch.

Balanced Strength and Generous Portions: With a nicotine content of 1.0% or 8 mg per pouch, Lundgrens Lägereld offers a satisfying strength level. Each snus can contains 22 carefully crafted portions, resulting in a total snus weight of 17.6 grams per can. These large pouches are designed to provide ample enjoyment, ensuring you have your favorite snus on hand whenever you desire.

A Unique Flavor Profile: Lundgrens Lägereld boasts a distinctive flavor profile that captures the essence of nature’s bounty. The smoky essence of juniper blends harmoniously with the earthiness of blackcurrant leaves. Hints of elderflower and the vibrant freshness of springtime complete this remarkable taste experience.

British American Tobacco Quality: Lundgrens Lägereld is backed by British American Tobacco’s legacy of quality and innovation. Their commitment to delivering exceptional snus shines through in every pouch, guaranteeing you a premium and satisfying snus experience.

Elevate Your Snus Experience: If you’re seeking a snus that goes beyond the ordinary, Lundgrens Lägereld is a perfect choice. Its unique flavor, innovative perforated portions, and commitment to quality make it a standout in the world of snus. Elevate your snus experience with Lundgrens Lägereld and savor the exceptional taste and quality it offers.

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Fiedler & Lundgren


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Blackcurrant, Juniperberry

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