Lundgrens Norrland Strong

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Complex taste that combines sweetness, earthiness, herbal undertones, and light floral notes


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Find out what makes Lundgrens Norrland Stark so natural

Lundgrens Norrland Strong is the best example of what nature has to offer for people who want a real snus experience without any added flavors. This high-quality snus is made from the best tobacco, which gives it a complex taste that combines sweetness, earthiness, herbal undertones, and light floral notes. Also, people with a good sense of taste may be able to pick up on hints of spruce shoots, which makes them think of walking through pristine mountain scenery. Along with these natural pleasures, Lundgrens Norrland Strong has a strong nicotine content of 15 mg/g, which makes for a unique snus experience.

What makes Lundgrens stand out is its unique way of releasing flavors. The holes on each piece are cleverly made so that the flavor of the tobacco comes out almost immediately on your tongue, followed by a rush of energizing nicotine. Even though the taste and nicotine kick in quickly, the white format doesn’t make the snus less durable or less resistant to dripping. Also, the material used to make Lundgrens snus is very soft, so it fits comfortably and quietly under your lip.

People asked for a stronger version of the very famous Lundgrens Norrland, which is where Lundgrens Norrland Strong came from. The previous version of this strong snus had 10 mg/g of nicotine, which put it in the regular strength group. To make it strong snus, an extra 5mg of nicotine was added. Even though this increase may not seem like much, the end is strong and very satisfying.

In short, Lundgrens Norrland Stark captures the spirit of the natural world and gives a snus experience that goes beyond flavors that are made in a lab. It shows how committed Lundgrens is to making high-quality snus goods with its high-quality tobacco, unique way of releasing flavor, and strong nicotine content.

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Herbs, Mountain flowers, Spruce shot

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