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Lundgrens Rimfrost Extra Strong

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Blend of fresh garden mint, unrefined peppermint oil, and eucalyptus oil’s aromatic essence


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A Minty Marvel with Extra Punch: Lundgrens Rimfrost Extra Strong

You can have a powerful and delightfully minty experience with Lundgrens Rimfrost Extra Strong. This flavor combination achieves the ideal harmony of complexity. Imagine a blend of fresh garden mint, unrefined peppermint oil, and eucalyptus oil’s aromatic essence. Together, they provide a symphony of aromas like sweet menthol, leaving a light but energizing lip-tingling feeling in their wake. This is menthol pleasure pushed to the next level, and it’s ideal for people looking for a day-long, extra-strong nicotine sensation.

Nicotine Powerhouse: An incredible 15 mg of nicotine is contained in each pouch of Lundgrens Rimfrost Extra Strong, making it a product powerhouse. It is made for experienced users who value the intensity and long-lasting delight that increased strength can only provide. Lundgrens Rimfrost Extra Strong is the product to choose if you want a strong nicotine sensation.

Large, full-sized format that packs a punch: Lundgren’s Rimfrost Extra Strong is available in a generous, full-sized version. The large 1 gram weight of each serving makes sure you get a full-lip feel and a satisfying tasting experience. The worry about discolored teeth and foul breath is over because this Lundgrens product is completely tobacco-free. Enjoy the quick nicotine and flavor release that these moist pouches promise, providing that desired extra-strength sensation, while you sit back and unwind.

Lundgrens Innovation and Legacy: In Sweden, the name Lundgrens is linked with genuine flavored snus. However, the brand entered the realm of all-white portions in late August 2022 to appeal to the expanding global community of tobacco-free users. The dedication of Lundgrens to upholding the refinement and integrity that characterize the brand sets it distinct. You can choose Lundgrens snus or their nicotine pouches with confidence knowing that you’re getting a premium product with style and a history of excellence.

Lundgrens Rimfrost Extra Strong is more than simply a nicotine pouch; it’s a voyage through an increased mint feeling and a sign of Lundgrens’ dedication to quality and innovation. Elevate Your Minty Experience. Lundgrens Rimfrost Extra Strong is your passport to a mint experience unlike any other if you’re prepared to enter the world of extra-strength minty ecstasy.

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Menthol, Mint, Peppermint

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