Lundgrens Skärgården

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Flavors of juicy red summer berries and classic tobacco notes


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Lundgrens Skärgården gives you a taste of the Coastal Archipelago.

The well-known company British American Tobacco made Lundgrens Skärgården, which is a high-quality White Portion snus. This great snus is based on the beautiful coastal islands, where the flavors of juicy red summer berries and classic tobacco notes go well together. To make the experience better, the amounts are served in a large size.

Lundgrens Skärgården has a modest amount of nicotine and a strength level of 2. Each piece has an moderate 8 mg of nicotine, which is the same as 1% nicotine per bag. Each snus can has 22 pieces that were made with care, and each piece weighs 0.8 grams. This means that each can of snus weighs an amazing 17.6 grams.

This snus is a tribute to the beautiful islands. It captures the spirit of the area in a unique way. The red summer berries, which grow well near the coast, fit right in with the traditional tobacco flavors. The result is an enchanting taste experience that takes you on a trip through the fascinating contrasts and beauty of the archipelago.

One of the things that makes Lundgrens Skärgården stand out is that it comes in a large size that fits each amount well. Also, the company that makes snus, British American Tobacco, has worked hard to make sure there isn’t too much dripping, so the experience is clean and worry-free.

In the end, Lundgrens Skärgården is the right choice for you if you want to taste the coastal islands and find the perfect balance between red summer berries and classic tobacco. This snus is a tribute to nature and a standout in the impressive line of products made by British American Tobacco. Its taste profile was made with care, and it was made in Britain.

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