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Super strong

Skruf Fresh no. 4 Mint Xtra Strong

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Distinctive taste of spearmint with a strong kick


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Discover the Bold Refreshment of Skruf Fresh no. 4 Mint Xtra Strong Snus

Indulge in the Intense Flavor: Skruf Fresh no. 4 Mint Xtra Strong snus promises an invigorating and intense flavor profile. Each slender prilla, with its drier surface, minimizes dripping in comparison to traditional snus. Embrace the bold taste and powerful experience this variant brings.

Enhanced Experience with a Slim Design: The slimmer prilla design not only ensures less drip but also offers a comfortable and discreet fit under the lip. This innovative approach by Skruf caters to those seeking a potent snus experience without compromising on convenience.

Optimal Size and Weight for Personal Preference: Each can contains 24 prillor, weighing approximately 0.69 grams per prilla. Remarkably, these prillor are over 20% smaller than Skruf’s original portion, allowing for a more tailored and satisfying usage.

Known as Skruf Slim Fresh #4: This snus variant, also recognized as Skruf Slim Fresh #4, encapsulates the distinctive taste of spearmint. Spearmint, renowned for its powerful and slightly sweet flavor, finds its place in various products, including chewing gum and toothpaste.

Dive into the Minty Blast: Each prilla of Skruf Fresh no. 4 Mint Xtra Strong contains 14.5 milligrams of nicotine, boasting a nicotine content of 1.4%. This ensures an energetic kick with every prilla. The ingredients encompass water, salt, tobacco, moisture-preserving agents, acidity regulators, and flavors.

Explore the Slim Fresh Range: Skruf Slim Fresh is available in two additional strength variants, catering to a range of preferences:

Savor the bold and exhilarating taste of Skruf Fresh no. 4 Mint Xtra Strong snus. Experience the intensity of mint in a convenient and discreet slim prilla, carefully crafted to enhance your snus adventure. Tailor your usage to match your desired level of strength. Choose Skruf Fresh for a refreshing snus journey.

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