Skruf no. 19 Tranbär Medium

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Capture the essence of cranberries


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Discover the Unique Flavor of Skruf no. 19 Tranbär Medium

Introdution: Skruf Snus AB presents Skruf no. 19 Tranbär Medium a snus that boasts a distinctive cranberry flavor, renowned for its unique taste that may challenge those unfamiliar with it. Cranberries are generally known for their intense taste that balances between tartness and bitterness. The tartness often carries hints of lemon or lime, setting cranberries apart from other sour fruits. Despite an underlying sweetness, it’s the potent tartness and bitterness that define the cranberry taste.

Exploring the Cranberry Flavor: Skruf no. 19 Tranbär Medium capture the essence of cranberries, allowing you to experience their pronounced and unforgettable taste. For those unacquainted with cranberries, their flavor can be a delightful surprise, offering a blend of sharp citrus-like tartness and a unique bitter twist.

Skruf Tranbär – A White Portion Snus: Skruf Tranbär is a white portion snus, meticulously crafted by Skruf Snus AB. White portion snus is characterized by a slightly drier surface, minimizing drip compared to traditional snus. Each can contains 24 portions, with an average weight of 0.9 grams per portion and a nicotine strength in the medium range.

Unveiling the Details: Skruf no. 19 Tranbär Medium stands as the sole flavored snus in Skruf’s white portion range with larger portions. Each portion contains 10.8 mg of nicotine, resulting in a nicotine content of 1.2%. The ingredients list comprises water, salt, tobacco, moisture retainers, acidity regulators, and flavorings. Each can holds a total snus weight of 21.6 grams.

Crafting a Perfect Snus Experience: This product is carefully crafted to offer a unique and enjoyable snus experience. The balanced blend of cranberry flavor and moderate nicotine content ensures a satisfying snus moment, appealing to both cranberry enthusiasts and snus connoisseurs seeking something distinctive.

Skruf Snus AB – Pioneering Excellence: Skruf Snus AB, the reputable manufacturer behind Skruf no. 19 Tranbär Medium, is known for its dedication to crafting high-quality snus products that cater to a diverse range of tastes. Explore their offerings to find the perfect snus to complement your preferences.

Experience the Tang of Cranberries: Dive into the world of Skruf no. 19 Tranbär Medium and indulge in the unique, tangy flavor of cranberries. Allow the tartness and bitterness to dance on your palate, leaving a memorable impression that defines the cranberry experience.

How to Enjoy Skruf no. 19 Tranbär Medium: To fully appreciate the distinct taste, simply place a portion under your lip and savor the burst of cranberry flavor. Let the cranberry notes gradually unfold, providing a delightful and well-rounded snus experience.

Skruf no. 19 Tranbär Medium presents an exciting departure from traditional snus flavors, embracing the bold taste of cranberries. Immerse yourself in this uniquely crafted snus and elevate your snus moments with the tart and bitter allure of cranberries.

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