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Skruf no. 23 White Strong

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Tobacco’s mildness combined with the aromatic citrus notes of bergamot and the floral essence of rose oil


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Discover the Potent Blend of Skruf No. 23 White Strong Snus

Delve into Skruf No. 23 White Strong: Crafted by the renowned Skruf Snus AB, Skruf No. 23 White Strong stands as a testament to innovation and expertise in the world of snus. This white portion snus packs an impressive punch, boasting approximately 16% more nicotine compared to its regular strength counterpart. In precise terms, each portion contains 12.6 mg of nicotine, amounting to a nicotine content of 1.4%. A single can accommodates 24 portions, each weighing 0.9 grams, culminating in a total snus weight of 21.6 grams per can. Notably, the snus features a slightly drier surface, minimizing the likelihood of excess drip and offering a smoother experience.

Savor the Flavorful Composition: This product delivers a pure and mild tobacco taste accentuated by hints of bergamot and rose oil. The seamless fusion of these elements results in a unique and understated flavor profile. The tobacco’s mildness, combined with the aromatic citrus notes of bergamot and the floral essence of rose oil, sets this snus apart, appealing to connoisseurs seeking a distinctive taste.

Exploring Skruf’s White Portion Range: Skruf Snus AB recognizes the diversity in preferences among snus enthusiasts. Alongside Skruf No. 23 White Strong, the white portion range comprises options catering to varying nicotine strengths:

  1. Skruf No. 22 White Medium: Providing a balanced experience with 10.8 mg of nicotine per portion.
  2. Skruf No. 24 White Xtra Strong: Catering to those seeking an extra robust nicotine hit with 15.3 mg of nicotine per portion.

Crafting Your Snus Journey: Skruf No. 23 White Strong exemplifies the brand’s dedication to crafting snus that caters to a broad spectrum of preferences. Whether you favor a milder or stronger nicotine kick, Skruf’s white portion range offers a range of options for a satisfying snus experience.

Embrace the Distinctive Skruf No. 23 White Strong: Elevate your snus moments with Skruf No. 23 White Strong. Immerse yourself in the intriguing blend of flavors and the invigorating nicotine strength this snus delivers. Place a portion under your lip and let the taste unfold, showcasing the careful craftsmanship that defines Skruf Snus AB.

Skruf No. 23 White Strong is a testament to Skruf Snus AB’s commitment to providing snus enthusiasts with a diverse array of options. Discover the allure of a stronger snus experience with the balanced and captivating flavors of Skruf No. 23 White Strong.

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Bergamot, Rose oil, Tobacco

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