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Extra strong

Skruf no. 28 Portion Strong

Articlenumber: 123232330

Pure and mild taste of tobacco, providing a discreet yet enticing richness


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Unveiling a Robust Snus Experience

Discovering Skruf No. 28 Portion Strong: Skruf Snus AB proudly presents Skruf No. 28 Portion Strong, a snus characterized by its bold tobacco flavor and higher nicotine strength. This snus offers a heightened experience, boasting a nicotine level of 14.4 mg per portion and a nicotine content of 1.6%. The foundation of this blend is the pure and mild taste of tobacco, providing a discreet yet enticing richness. The addition of bergamot infuses a dash of freshness to the composition, while rose oil imparts subtle sweetness and complexity.

A Deeper Dive into Skruf No. 28: In its original format, this product consists of 24 portions per can, each weighing 0.9 grams. This stronger variant of Skruf portion snus is meticulously crafted with high-quality ingredients including water, salt, tobacco, humectants, acidity regulators, and flavors.

Variety of Choices: Skruf’s range of portion snus doesn’t end here. Alongside Skruf No. 28 Portion Strong, there are two other compelling variants to explore. For those seeking a milder experience, there’s Skruf No. 27 Original Portion. On the other end of the spectrum, for those craving an even more potent sensation, there’s Skruf No. 29 Extra Strong Portion.

Skruf Snus AB: Skruf Snus AB, the esteemed manufacturer behind Skruf No. 28 Portion Strong, is dedicated to delivering high-quality snus experiences to its consumers. With a legacy rooted in crafting exceptional snus products, Skruf Snus AB ensures that each product meets the expectations of snus enthusiasts.

Embrace the Boldness: Skruf No. 28 Portion Strong invites you to embrace the bold flavors and heightened nicotine strength for a snus experience that stands out. Its carefully selected ingredients and commitment to quality make it a standout choice for those who seek a stronger snus adventure.

Skruf No. 28 Portion Strong offers a robust and potent snus adventure, accentuated by its pronounced tobacco taste and elevated nicotine strength. It stands as a testament to Skruf Snus AB’s dedication to delivering a diverse range of snus products tailored to various preferences. Explore the world of Skruf snus and find the perfect fit for your snus journey.

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Extra strong


Bergamot, Citrus, Rose oil

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