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Extra strong

Skruf no. 29 Portion Xtra Strong

Articlenumber: 123232331

Harmonious symphony where tobacco, bergamot, and rose oil play in unison


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Discover Intensity with Skruf no. 29 Portion Xtra Strong

Introduction: Skruf Snus AB proudly presents Skruf no. 29 Portion Xtra Strong, a snus that stands out with its rich base of pure, mild tobacco, enhanced by natural earthy undertones and a significant nicotine strength. With a nicotine content of 17.1 mg per prilla, this portion snus, manufactured by Skruf Snus AB, offers a strong yet well-balanced flavor experience and ranks among the strongest variants available in the market.

The Symphony of Flavors: The taste composition unfolds like a harmonious symphony, where tobacco, bergamot, and rose oil play in unison. The gentle tone of tobacco is complemented by the subtle freshness of bergamot and the floral essence of rose oil. These flavors merge to create a sophisticated and well-balanced taste profile.

Exploring the Composition: Each can contains 24 prillas, with a weight of 0.9 g per prilla. Maintaining a standard moisture level akin to original portion snus, Skruf No. 29 is crafted from water, salt, tobacco, moisture retainers, acidity regulators, and flavorings.

Variety in Strength and Flavor: Skruf’s portion snus is also available in two milder variants with lower nicotine content:

  1. Skruf No. 27 Original Portion: Nicotine content of 11.7 mg per prilla.
  2. Skruf No. 28 Strong Portion: Nicotine content of 14.4 mg per prilla.

Pioneering Snus Excellence: Skruf Snus AB, the renowned manufacturer behind this product, is celebrated for its dedication to quality and innovation in the snus industry. With a legacy deeply rooted in creating exceptional snus, Skruf Snus AB consistently delivers products that resonate with snus enthusiasts across the globe.

A Bold Snus Experience: Skruf no. 29 Portion Xtra Strong invites you to embark on a bold snus adventure that harmonizes the robust notes of pure tobacco with a potent nicotine punch. Immerse yourself in the powerful yet balanced flavors that Skruf No. 29 brings to your snus repertoire.

How to Enjoy Skruf no. 29 Portion Xtra Strong: To savor this snus to the fullest, simply place a portion of the desired size and shape under your lip. Allow the flavors to gradually unfold, offering a robust and enduring snus experience.

Skruf no. 29 Portion Xtra Strong represents the pinnacle of strength and flavor in the Skruf portion snus range. Embrace the intense, yet sophisticated character. Explore the world of Skruf snus and indulge in the ideal fusion of strength and taste with this thoughtfully crafted extra strong portion snus.

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Bergamot, Rose oil

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