Swave Mini Rhubarb Smash

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Bold and lively flavor profile centered around the zesty notes of rhubarb, complemented by the sweet and juicy essence of raspberry


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Swave Mini Rhubarb Smash: A Tangy Delight

Indulge in the Sharpness: Swave Mini Rhubarb Smash is your ticket to a tart and tangy adventure. As the name suggests, this nicotine pouch offers a bold and lively flavor profile centered around the zesty notes of rhubarb, complemented by the sweet and juicy essence of raspberry. It’s a dance of flavors that promises to excite your taste buds.

Perfect Nicotine Strength: With a nicotine content of 7 mg per pouch, Swave Mini Rhubarb Smash strikes a perfect balance. It’s an excellent choice for beginners seeking a gentle introduction to nicotine pouches, as well as experienced users looking for an all-day companion. This moderate strength allows for a comfortable and controlled nicotine release.

Discreet and Convenient Mini Format: Swave Mini Rhubarb Smash comes in a discreet mini format, designed to fit snugly under your lip without drawing attention. Whether you’re in a professional setting or simply value privacy, these mini portions provide the freedom to enjoy your pouches discreetly.

Rapid Release of Flavor: The wet contents of each pouch ensure a swift release of both nicotine and flavor. As soon as you place a pouch under your lip, you’ll experience an immediate burst of rhubarb and raspberry goodness. It’s a convenient and efficient way to savor your favorite flavors.

Swave: A Brand of Excellence: Swave, introduced in 2018, is a brand owned and produced by Swedish Match, a name synonymous with quality and innovation in the nicotine pouch industry. Just like other leading brands under the Swedish Match umbrella, such as VOLT and ZYN, Swave is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring a top-tier product.

Quality Ingredients: Swave Mini Rhubarb Smash is made from high-quality ingredients, including water, filler (E 460), plant fiber, humectant (E 422), flavorings, acidity regulators (E 500, E 509), salt, nicotine, and sweetener (E 954). These ingredients are thoughtfully combined to deliver a consistent and delightful flavor experience.

Elevate Your Moments: Elevate your nicotine pouch journey with Swave Mini Rhubarb Smash. Dive into the world of tart rhubarb and sweet raspberry, all in a discreet and convenient mini format. Whether you’re on the go, at work, or simply seeking a flavorful escape, Swave Mini Rhubarb Smash is here to enhance your moments.

Experience the Tang: Experience the bold and tangy flavors of Swave Mini Rhubarb Smash. Let each pouch transport you to a world of sharp and sweet sensations. It’s time to savor the vibrancy of Swave Mini Rhubarb Smash and enjoy nicotine pouch excellence like never before.

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