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Remarkable pouch brings you the tantalizing flavors of apple cider with a hint of almond


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Swave Slim Apple XO: A Taste of Crisp Apple Elegance

Experience the Apple Orchard in a Pouch: If you’re searching for a nicotine pouch that encapsulates the essence of a crisp apple orchard, look no further than Swave Slim Apple XO. Produced by Gotlandssnus, a company within the Swedish Match family, this remarkable pouch brings you the tantalizing flavors of apple cider with a hint of almond. Prepare to embark on a journey through orchards of fresh, juicy apples with every pouch.

All White: A Cleaner, Tobacco-Free Alternative: Swave Slim Apple XO belongs to the All White category, also known as nicotine pouches or white snus. These pouches contain no tobacco, ensuring a cleaner experience without compromising on nicotine satisfaction. With a slim, discreet format, they’re designed to fit snugly under your lip, providing both comfort and discretion.

A Symphony of Flavors: The flavor profile of Swave Slim Apple XO is a harmonious blend of apple cider and subtle almond notes. The pouches feature a long, slim design and a dry surface, with moist content to minimize dripping. With a moisture level of 40%, these pouches offer the perfect balance for an enjoyable experience. Plus, they boast a shelf life of approximately four months, ensuring freshness.

Nicotine Strength for All: Swave Slim Apple XO offers a balanced nicotine strength of 3 on a scale of 4, equating to 1.3% nicotine content. Each pouch contains 10.6 mg of nicotine, making it ideal for those seeking a satisfying and steady nicotine release. Whether you’re new to nicotine pouches or a seasoned user, Swave Slim Apple XO caters to a wide range of preferences.

Perfectly Portioned: Each can contains 20 carefully crafted pouches, with each pouch weighing 0.8 grams. This results in a total snus weight of 16 grams per can, providing you with an ample supply of your favorite flavor.

Ingredients: The pouches contains high-quality ingredients, including water, fillers, plant fibers, moisturizing agents, flavorings, acidity regulators, salt, nicotine, emulsifiers, and sweeteners. These ingredients come together to deliver a delightful and satisfying experience.

Join the Swave Revolution: Swave Slim Apple XO is your ticket to savoring the refreshing taste of apple orchards anytime, anywhere. Experience the convenience and discretion of modern nicotine pouches while enjoying the timeless flavor of crisp apples and a touch of almond.

Discover Swave: Step into the world of Swave and explore the perfect fusion of contemporary convenience and classic flavors. Swave Slim Apple XO invites you to indulge in the elegance of apple cider and almond with every pouch.

Elevate Your Moments: Elevate your nicotine pouch experience with this product. Immerse yourself in the orchards of fresh, juicy apples, and embrace a cleaner, tobacco-free alternative that offers both comfort and satisfaction. Whether you’re winding down after a long day or seeking a refreshing pick-me-up, Swave Slim Apple XO is your perfect companion.

Unlock the Flavor: Dive into the world of Swave Slim Apple XO and unlock the delicious taste of crisp apples and subtle almond. Let every pouch transport you to the heart of an apple orchard, and enjoy the convenience and discretion of modern nicotine pouches. It’s time to savor the elegance of Swave Slim Apple XO.

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