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VELO Freeze Max

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Cool thrill of menthol tones and the crisp, refreshing finish of peppermint


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VELO Freeze MAX takes your nicotine experience to a new level: If you’ve used nicotine before and want a strong, energizing kick, VELO Freeze MAX is the way to go. This strong version of the famous mint flavor takes it to the next level by giving it the most strength. With a powerful 17 mg of nicotine per serving, this product is made for experienced users who want a level of energy that is unmatched. Because it has a lot of nicotine, VELO Freeze MAX is not a good choice for people who have never used nicotine pouches before.

A Taste That Matches the Strength: When you start your trip with VELO Freeze MAX, you’ll find a taste that goes perfectly with its powerful strength. Get ready to be blown away by the cool thrill of menthol tones and the crisp, refreshing finish of peppermint. Each pouch gives you a tingly feeling on your lips that gets you ready for a thrilling nicotine journey.

When you choose VELO Freeze MAX, you don’t just get a strong product; you also get a lot of enjoyment. Each can has 20 tobacco-free, max-strength servings. This gives you a steady supply of VELO Freeze MAX. Say goodbye to worries about damaged teeth or bad breath that lasts, because VELO Freeze MAX makes it easy to enjoy nicotine in a clean, private way that you can do anywhere.

Slim and Unobtrusive Design: The VELO Freeze MAX’s slim and discreet design shows that it cares about privacy. Whether you’re at work, out with friends, or just want a discreet nicotine boost, these bags fit perfectly under your lip and let you enjoy VELO Freeze MAX without drawing attention to yourself.

British American Tobacco: Paving the Way for a Future Without Tobacco: British American Tobacco, a well-known British multinational business known for its wide range of cigarettes and other nicotine products, is happy to bring you VELO. Recognizing that people’s tastes are changing, BAT has started a journey to become less dependent on traditional cigarettes by making new, tobacco-free options. VELO is a great example of this forward-thinking approach because it has a wide range of goods that are made with the user’s and the planet’s health in mind. Join VELO and embrace a cleaner, more eco-friendly way to smoke that is better for your health and the world.

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