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VELO Frosty Grapefruit

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Dance between sweet, sour, and bitter grapefruit notes with the energizing minty embrace of peppermint


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With VELO Frosty Grapefruit, you can experience the surprising harmony of flavors. It comes in a unique dual-profile nicotine pouch that shows the intricate dance between sweet, sour, and bitter grapefruit notes and the energizing minty embrace of peppermint. This unusual tasting journey ends with a cool, refreshing taste that will wake up your senses.

Unveiling the Sensory Symphony: When you try VELO Frosty Grapefruit, you get the taste of a freshly picked grapefruit, which brings to mind a symphony of sweet, sour, and slightly bitter flavors. Peppermint’s fresh, minty undertones give the flavor a crisp, energizing feeling that adds to the flavor’s overall complexity.

A Kick of Satisfaction: Each VELO Frosty Grapefruit pouch has 10 mg of nicotine, which gives it a strength level of 3 out of 4 dots on the VELO scale. This nicotine content is made for more experienced users who want a strong and intense kick. It offers a satisfying experience that lasts.

How to Use Your Own Mind: VELO Frosty Grapefruit is made to be both comfortable and private. It comes in a slim, unobtrusive pouch. Slip it easily under your lip for a smooth fit that no one else will notice. This design feature gives you the freedom to enjoy nicotine quietly and with confidence, whether you’re at work, with friends, or by yourself.

Use the benefit of not smoking: VELO Frosty Grapefruit is free from tobacco, and its white pouch form shows that it is pure. Don’t worry about stained teeth or bad breath anymore, because this tobacco-free alternative gives you a clean experience that’s all about taste and pleasure.

A Global Player: British American Tobacco, one of the biggest tobacco companies in the world, is happy to put its name on VELO, a well-known nicotine pouch brand. This partnership makes a product that is the best in terms of quality, creativity, and skill. VELO has become a market leader by offering a wide range of flavors that appeal to many different tastes and by making sure that each pouch is both excellent and enjoyable.

Elevate Your Experience: The symphony of tastes and nicotine kick in VELO Frosty Grapefruit invite you to take your nicotine pleasure to the next level. Immerse yourself in the layers of grapefruit complexity and the minty embrace, all while enjoying the privacy and happiness that VELO pouches offer. VELO Frosty Grapefruit is the perfect combination of quality, creativity, and taste. It will change the way you think about nicotine.

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