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VELO Royal Tea

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Wonderful flavors of Earl Grey tea with the essence of bergamot


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Get ready for a unique sensory experience that combines the ordinary with the special. VELO Royal Tea is a nicotine pouch that changes the way people think about how to treat themselves. VELO Royal Tea takes you to a place where nicotine meets the spirit of Earl Grey tea and bergamot. If you’ve ever enjoyed the subtle flavors of tea, you’re in for a whole new taste experience.

A Symphony of Taste: Give your taste buds a symphony of flavors with VELO Royal Tea. This new idea combines the wonderful flavors of Earl Grey tea with the essence of bergamot in a way that is both elegant and sophisticated. Immerse yourself in the perfect blend of flower freshness and a tantalizingly sweet finish that will change the way you feel about nicotine.

Slim, soft, and all-white, the VELO Royal Tea comes in a design that is both modern and elegant. The thin, all-white bags are not only easy to hide, but they are also made to be as comfortable as possible. Their softness makes sure that they fit perfectly under your lip, so you can enjoy the tastes and nicotine without any pain.

Regular Strength, Extraordinary Pleasure: VELO Royal Tea has 8 mg/g of nicotine, which is a good mix between strength and satisfaction. This normal strength product is made to give a satisfying nicotine experience that is neither too much nor too little. This makes it a great choice for both experienced nicotine pouch users and people who have never tried them before.

No Compromise, Discreet Satisfaction: With VELO Royal Tea, you can enjoy over 30 minutes of pure satisfaction while staying out of sight. These pouches are made so that you can enjoy your nicotine without worrying about your teeth getting stained or your gums getting sore. The moist pouches make sure that nicotine and taste are released quickly, making each use a full-on experience.

A Testimony to Innovation: VELO Royal Tea is a great example of how British American Tobacco (BAT) is always coming up with new ideas for nicotine pouches. In the middle and end of the 2010s, there was a boom of all-white music. VELO’s commitment to breaking rules is clear. With products like VELO Royal Tea, BAT shows how good it is at making exciting and unique products that meet the changing tastes of nicotine users.

Raise Your Satisfaction with VELO: VELO Royal Tea isn’t just a nicotine pouch—it’s an invitation to discover new flavors and levels of satisfaction. When you use VELO, you’re using a product that adds layers of sophistication, innovation, and pleasure to your nicotine journey. Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of VELO Royal Tea, where every pouch shows how taste, technology, and pleasure all come together.

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