VOLT Pearls Smashed Ice

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Herbal symphony with an intense menthol surge


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Elevate Your Minty Experience with VOLT Pearls Smashed Ice: A Frosty Flavor Sensation

A Mint Lover’s Dream: If you’re a fan of minty freshness that packs a punch, VOLT Pearls Smashed Ice is your go-to choice. This nicotine pouch offers an invigorating, frosty-tasting experience, perfect for those who prefer their mint with an extra kick. Picture an herbal symphony with an intense menthol surge, powerful enough to send a delightful shiver down your spine. It’s a combination of fresh green mint and aromatic eucalyptus, creating a flavor profile that’s nothing short of extraordinary. Rated as a strength 4 on VOLT’s scale, this pouch is tailor-made for experienced users seeking an all-day energy boost.

Slim and Lightweight: Each VOLT Pearls Smashed Ice pouch weighs a mere 0.7 grams, making it exceptionally lightweight. This slim and discreet portion comfortably nestles under your lip, delivering the robust flavor and potent nicotine release you crave without being invasive. It’s the freedom to savor your nicotine experience wherever you please. Plus, with no tobacco in sight, it’s an ideal choice for those looking to reduce their tobacco consumption while sidestepping the pitfalls of stained teeth and post-use bad breath.

Swedish Match Quality: Behind VOLT stands Swedish Match, a renowned manufacturer responsible for nicotine brands like ZYN and Swave. As one of the largest nicotine pouch producers globally, Swedish Match is synonymous with quality and excellence. When you choose VOLT, you’re choosing a high-quality product that lives up to the reputation of its manufacturer.

Declaration of Content: Your peace of mind matters to us. That’s why we’re fully transparent about what goes into VOLT Pearls Smashed Ice. Expect a careful blend of filler (E460), water, humectant (E422), salt, nicotine, acidity regulators (E334, E501), flavorings, and sweetener (E950). And yes, it contains eucalyptus oil for that extra burst of freshness.

Chill with VOLT Pearls Smashed Ice: Ready to take your minty experience to the next level? VOLT Pearls Smashed Ice is your ticket to an icy, invigorating flavor sensation. Get ready for an herbal menthol kick that will leave you refreshed and energized throughout the day. VOLT: Where frosty freshness meets nicotine excellence.

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