ZONE X Dark Flow Medium

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Masterful blend of contrasts, with a robust salty kick that  mellows into a gentle sweet finish


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Zone X Dark Flow Medium: The Perfect Balance of Flavor and Nicotine

Unlocking the Flavor Symphony: Zone X Dark Flow Medium introduces you to the mesmerizing world of licorice-flavored nicotine pouches. This flavor journey is a masterful blend of contrasts, commencing with a robust, salty kick that gradually mellows into a gentle, subtly sweet finish. Prepare your senses for a captivating experience that dances on your taste buds.

Regular Strength, All-Day Satisfaction: With a nicotine content of 5 mg per pouch, Zone X Dark Flow Medium delivers a regular-strength nicotine experience that’s perfectly suited for all-day enjoyment. It offers a satisfying nicotine release without overwhelming intensity, allowing you to savor it from morning to night.

Slim and Soft Pouches: The pouches in Zone X Dark Flow Medium are meticulously crafted to provide a comfortable and discreet experience. Their slim profile allows you to effortlessly conceal them under your lip, ensuring that you can enjoy them discreetly wherever and whenever you please. Say goodbye to conspicuous tobacco use.

Moisture Magic: These pouches strike the perfect moisture balance, delivering a swift and consistent nicotine release. You’ll experience minimal drip, ensuring that your nicotine journey remains clean and enjoyable. Plus, they’re 100% tobacco-free, so you can enjoy nicotine without worrying about stained teeth or unpleasant breath during or after use.

Zone X: A Journey of Innovation: Since its debut with just three products in the summer of 2021, Zone X, brought to you by Skruf Snus AB, has rapidly expanded into a diverse and exciting range. It’s a testament to innovation and diversity in the world of nicotine products. Offering a wide array of fresh and distinctive flavors, coupled with various satisfying strengths, Zone X’s super-soft, all-white pouches have captured the hearts of tobacco-free users worldwide.

Explore the Zone X Universe: Are you ready to embark on a journey through the captivating flavors and strengths of Zone X? Dive into a world of licorice and nicotine perfection that harmoniously combines contrasting elements for a unique experience.

Nicotine Satisfaction, Anytime, Anywhere: Zone X Dark Flow Medium presents a gateway to a world of flavor and nicotine satisfaction. Embrace the future of tobacco-free enjoyment and elevate your nicotine journey. Choose Zone X and discover the perfect balance today!

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