ZONE X Hot Beat Extra Strong

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Orchestrated by bold notes of spicy sriracha and zesty lime


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Experience the Intense Flavor of Zone X Hot Beat Extra Strong

A Taste Like No Other: If you’re feeling adventurous and want to push your taste buds to the limit, Zone X Hot Beat Extra Strong is a must-try. This nicotine pouch offers a flavor profile that stands out from the crowd. Brace yourself for a fiery and sour taste sensation, orchestrated by bold notes of spicy sriracha and zesty lime. This is not your typical nicotine product; it’s a bold and daring choice for those who crave intensity.

Extra Strength for the Bold: Zone X Hot Beat Extra Strong doesn’t just stop at flavor; it delivers an extra punch with a nicotine content of 10 mg per portion. If you’re seeking a nicotine pouch that doesn’t hold back, this one is tailor-made for you. Get ready for a robust and satisfying nicotine experience that matches the intensity of the flavor.

Tobacco-Free for a Cleaner Experience: Worried about stained teeth and bad breath? With Zone X Hot Beat Extra Strong, you can enjoy your nicotine without these concerns. These pouches are 100% tobacco-free, ensuring a clean and enjoyable experience. Let the flavor and nicotine take center stage while you indulge in every pouch.

Discreet and Slim Design: Each pouch in Zone X Hot Beat Extra Strong boasts a slim and discreet format, making it perfect for those who prefer to use nicotine privately and without drawing attention. Despite its slim profile, each pouch is large enough to provide a substantial lip-filling experience, ensuring minimal movement for those accustomed to larger portions.

Quality You Can Trust: Zone X is proudly manufactured by Skruf Snus, the same company responsible for the renowned Knox snus brand. This legacy of excellence assures you that you’re investing in a high-quality product that prioritizes flavor, satisfaction, and safety.

Discover the Zone X Difference: Are you ready to embark on a bold flavor journey with Zone X Hot Beat Extra Strong? Experience the unique fusion of spicy sriracha and tangy lime while enjoying a powerful nicotine hit. Elevate your nicotine experience today with Zone X.

Nicotine Satisfaction Redefined: Zone X Hot Beat Extra Strong is for those who crave bold flavors and a strong nicotine kick. Dive into the world of intense sensations and choose Zone X for a nicotine experience like no other

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