ZONE X Southern Breeze Medium

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Flavor experience inspired by the classic and refreshing peach iced tea


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Indulge in the Summery Delight of Zone X Southern Breeze Medium

A Taste of Summer: Allow Zone X Southern Breeze Medium to transport you back to those carefree days spent lounging on the beach. This nicotine pouch promises a flavor experience inspired by the classic and refreshing peach iced tea. Get ready for a taste sensation that will not disappoint. The flavor journey begins with the rich and juicy essence of ripe peaches, delivering a delightful syrupy sweetness. This sweetness harmoniously combines with the invigorating notes of fresh iced tea, creating a cool and quenching sensation that will leave your taste buds refreshed and satisfied.

Perfectly Balanced Strength: Zone X Southern Breeze Medium offers a nicotine strength of 5 mg per pouch, making it an excellent choice for both newcomers and seasoned users. You can enjoy the summery taste without feeling overwhelmed, making it an ideal option for those who appreciate a balanced nicotine experience.

Slim and Discreet Design: These slim portions are designed for ultimate comfort and discretion. Whether you’re a seasoned user or new to nicotine pouches, you’ll find that these portions fit easily under your upper lip, causing minimal to no discomfort. This discreet design allows you to enjoy your nicotine experience without drawing unnecessary attention.

Tobacco-Free for a Clean Experience: Bid farewell to concerns about stained teeth or bad breath. Zone X Southern Breeze Medium is entirely tobacco-free, ensuring a clean and enjoyable experience. Embrace the flavors without the drawbacks of traditional tobacco use.

Crafted by Skruf Snus AB: Zone X is proudly manufactured by Skruf Snus AB, the second-largest Nordic Snus producer. This legacy of excellence explains why Zone X is a premium product with a luxurious feel. The impeccable moisture balance in Zone X pouches ensures a unique and satisfying experience that sets it apart from the rest.

Don’t Miss Out: If you haven’t tried Zone X Southern Breeze Medium, you’re missing out on a delightful summery experience. Let the sweet and refreshing fusion of ripe peaches and iced tea transport you to those beachside moments. Elevate your nicotine journey with Zone X and savor every moment of the Southern Breeze.

Rediscover Your Nicotine Experience: Zone X Southern Breeze Medium offers a perfect blend of flavor and nicotine strength. Whether you’re new to nicotine pouches or a seasoned enthusiast, this summery delight promises a satisfying journey you won’t want to miss. Choose Zone X and rediscover the joy of nicotine in style.

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