ZYN Slim Violet Licorice

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Delightful essence of salty, tangy salmiak, the subtle sweetness of violet, and a peppery, invigorating finish


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ZYN Slim Violet Licorice: Beyond Expectations in Flavor and Experience

ZYN Slim Violet Licorice stands as a testament to the fact that names can often be deceptive. This slim, tobacco-free snus delivers a flavor experience that transcends its title. It’s a symphony of taste, an intricate blend that goes far beyond the ordinary.

A Flavorful Journey

At the heart of this product is a rich, full-bodied licorice flavor, a taste that’s sure to delight licorice enthusiasts. But this snus doesn’t stop there. It introduces a medley of complementary notes that elevate the experience. You’ll encounter the delightful essence of salty, tangy salmiak, the subtle sweetness of violet, and a peppery, invigorating finish. It’s a flavor profile that surprises and delights with every pouch.

Balanced Strength and Optimal Nicotine Release

With a nicotine content of 6.5 mg per pouch, ZYN Slim Violet Licorice falls into the regular strength category. What sets it apart is its smart design. These pouches boast a pH level of 8.5, a dry surface, and moist contents. This combination ensures a rapid, enduring release of both nicotine and flavor. Despite their dry exterior, these pouches remain comfortable throughout use, thanks to the soft fabric. Plus, their slim format allows for discreet enjoyment anytime, anywhere.

A Tobacco-Free Experience with Zero Compromises

ZYN is renowned for its commitment to providing a tobacco-free alternative that doesn’t sacrifice on experience. As an all-white brand, it offers the pleasure of snus without the downsides of tobacco, such as tooth stains, bad breath, and the need to spit.

Swedish Match: A Legacy of Excellence

ZYN is brought to you by Swedish Match, a company with over a century of expertise in crafting top-tier snus products. Since its inception in 1915, Swedish Match has been synonymous with quality and innovation. While it continues to produce beloved traditional snus, it has also ventured into creating high-quality tobacco-free alternatives, all while upholding its commitment to excellence.

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