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Swedish Tobacco

The history behind snus began as early as 1637, which later became a success!

Buy Swedish snus online

If you looking for where to buy Swedish snus online, then this is the place! Svea Tobacco have over three hundred varieties of Snus from famous Swedish snus brands.

Delivery and payments

At Svea Tobacco, we work hard to ensure that the shopping experience we give for our consumers is both streamlined and safe. We accept payments using PayPal, which provides an additional layer of protection for our customers’ financial information, and we offer expedited and trackable shipping to any place in the United States through UPS. We have a long history of offering high-quality snus and outstanding customer service.

Our reputable online business first opened its virtual doors in 2019 and has been in operation ever since. No matter how frequently or how large an order is placed, we always treat each and every shipment with the utmost care since we appreciate the business of each and every one of our customers. Because of the importance we place on the security of your personal and financial information, our checkout and payment process is managed by Paypal.

We are committed to making sure that you receive your delivery in the shortest amount of time and with the least amount of hassle possible.

Swedish Snus at competitive prices

We provide a comprehensive range of snus products to cater to the tastes and requirements of our customers. You may discover the product that is the ideal fit for you in our online shop, regardless of whether you want the discreet and convenient feel of a slim pouch, the handmade quality of a loose snus, or an option that does not include tobacco.

We provide solutions that are both tried-and-true and forward-thinking, some of which may not be carried in your local store, and we do it at affordable prices. There are a lot of advantages to ordering snus online from Svea Tobacco, including the fact that you may choose from a larger variety of flavors.

Please do not be reluctant to get in touch with our customer service staff if you have any inquiries or if you are having trouble locating a certain product. Also, make it a point to check your email often for any new information on our one-of-a-kind campaigns and promotions.

Top quality of Swedish Snus

Customers can count on Svea Tobacco to provide them with snus and nicotine pouches of the very best quality. This is part of our company’s mission. Only manufacturers that share our dedication to quality and whose goods are both delectable and pleasurable are allowed to supply us with products. Our selection features popular brands like VELO, ZYN and LYFT as well as well-known snus brands like General, Siberia, Odens, Skruf, Ettan, and Kronan. The vast majority of our stock originates from Swedish Match, one of the most well-known and competent producers of snus in the world. Swedish Match is well recognized for manufacturing well-liked brands such as General and Ettan.

We are committed to providing our consumers with the very best snus experience possible, and we are pleased to provide a comprehensive assortment of high-quality goods from from reputable suppliers.

The EU snus ban

If you are trying to place an order with us but are unable to do so because you are located in an EU nation, we are sorry to inform you that this is because the EU has banned the use of snus.

When Sweden entered the European Union in 1995, the prohibition on the use of snus had already been put into effect by the union. On the other hand, as part of the process of admitting Sweden into the union, an exception was made to this prohibition for the country. In spite of this exception, it is still against the law to sell or distribute snus within the EU or to nations that are part of the EU.

We have high hopes that this regulation will be revised in the near future and promise to keep our clients updated as soon as we are in a position to make snus available for purchase within the EU. Please accept our sincere apologies for any trouble this may create.