About Svea

Fredrik and Jonathan are the entrepreneurs behind Svea Tobacco, a swedish snus company located in a small industrial town near the city of Gothenburg. The company was started in 2019, as both Fredrik and Jonathan realized that snus was their passion, and that led to the founding of Svea Tobacco.

Fredrik prefers portion, where Jonathan prefers loose. While both enjoy different snus brands, they definitely agree the favorite is Gothenburg Rapé, since it feels closest to home.

The name Svea has a simple explanation for its origin – Svea is a mythical figure from the Viking era and is usually portrayed as a maiden with a shield. Sweden is often called Svea and that also functions as its national symbol.

Snus is a quintessential Swedish tobacco product, and Svea Tobacco’s supply chain is all Swedish. So what better way to represent something that is so intrinsically Swedish than with someone as epic as Svea?