Instruction for storing snus

Swedish snus

We get a lot of inquiries regarding the best way to keep snus stored. When the snus matures, it loses some moisture, and since taste and aroma are directly affected by the moisture content, these properties also decrease. The nicotine and pH levels fall, and the effects of nicotine quickly fade and deliver less of a kick.

To put it another way – using old snuff is not enjoyable. You could resurrect the snus by moistening it; place an apple slice inside the container or add a few drops of whiskey to the container. At least one whole night of soaking and resting for either of these snus preparations is required. Unfortunately, pH cannot be restored to normal even if the moisture and taste are improved, but it is the most effective way for loose snus. The rehydration process for portion snus might be more challenging.

The far more effective strategy is to store the cans the right way as soon as possible. The refrigerator is an excellent location to store things. Loose snus can be stored in a fridge for around four months, whereas White/Original Portion snus, can be stored for approximately five months. Because it must be able to be formed, loose snus has a shelf life that is significantly shorter than for packed forms.

Is it possible to keep snus in the freezer?

It is OK to do so, but we advise against keeping it in the freezer for more than one year at a time and using the refrigerator to defrost it. On the other hand, frozen snus can be effective on a hot summer day since it quickly thaws in the mouth.