Lundgren’s launch three new tobacco-free nicotine pouches 


In recent years, the tobacco-free nicotine pouches, so-called all-white or white snus, increased explosively in demand with new brands and flavors constantly hitting the market.

Today you can find nicotine pouches in most flavors you can think of. Everything from mint to fruit and berries, all kinds of sweets and drinks. But for those who prefer the traditional taste of snus and tobacco, there haven’t been that many tobacco-free options to choose from. This gap in the market has now been filled by Lundgrens.

Svea Tobacco can now present three tobacco-free nicotine portions from Lundgrens. For those who want to replace snus with a tobacco-free nicotine portion that does not discolor the teeth, or perhaps just try something new.

Lundgren’s Äng

Lundgren’s Äng is a tobacco-free, slim nicotine portion inspired by Lundgren’s bestseller Skåne. The taste is similar to snus with hints of red forest berries and pine. Contains 21 normal-sized slim portions with 10mg/g nicotine in strength.

Lundgren’s Dunge

Lundgren’s Dunge is a normal-sized, slim nicotine portion with a flavor base of snus, topped with light notes of red summer berries and forest berries. 10mg/g nicotine in strength.

Lundgren’s Rimfrost

Lundgren’s Rimfrost is a minty nicotine portion with a slightly higher nicotine content than its two siblings. Rimfrost has a flavor combination of garden mint, eucalyptus, and peppermint oil. 12,5 mg/g nicotine strength.

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