LYFT becomes VELO


The rise of the nicotine pouch.

The development of tobacco alternatives has been a long time coming. Early examples go back to 1999 with the introduction of Nicorette, but products like All white snus never became popular and a very few people used them . That all changed a few years later thanks largely due to a small Swedish company who created two primary brands: KickUp and Epok. With the release of Epok, a new white snus variation became one of consumer’s most sought-after brands.

When British American Tobacco bought the Swedish company and surprised everyone with their decision to phase out Epok, many wondered what would happen next. It became evident that this was not just a random move but rather one carefully planned in advance as they shortly thereafter announced Lyft.

Legal reasons were the main reason behind BAT switching from their popular Epok All White brand to Lyft. The two products both taste nearly identical, use similar cans, graphics, colors and font on them; however there is one major difference. Epok had tobacco fibers while Lyft does not. This difference doesn’t affect the experience at all for the consumers, but it makes a huge impact in terms of legislation and law enforcement agencies that regulate smokeless products differently depending on their inclusion or exclusion of tobacco.

In markets around the world, nicotine pouches now got legal advantages over oral tobacco products.

As a result, the tobacco tax for Lyft is lower which means that savings in wholesale taxes and higher profit margins. This also avoided some government restrictions on packaging as well as labeling requirements related to nicotine pouches versus snus products.

Other tobacco companies have also recognized the advantage of making a nicotine free pouch product. For example, Swedish Match produces Zyn which is widely popular.

Lyft becomes VELO

The British American Tobacco Company is now doing a change again when Lyft becomes VELO. Instead of marketing same product under two different brands they will now merge and only use VELO nicotine pouches.

With the transformation, Velo will be taking on a new identity. People in Europe and US may not notice this change because they’ve been marketed as one from day one- but for people living in Scandinavia who used to ride with Lyft? It’s going to feel rather strange in the beginning. 

The new name will not only mean an improved product, but also a more strategic marketing approach. 

The content of VELO and LYFT is the same – high-quality nicotine pouches. There will be no difference in taste, nicotine content or shape between these two products. Only a new stylish can and approach.

Although it might feel a bit strange, Scandinavians will with time forgotten about the popular name Lyft and come to embrace VELO, no doubt about it.

LYFT products are well known for their flavours like: Mint, Licorice, Lime, Royal Purple, Ice Cool Mint, X Freeze, London Flair, Blonde Roast, Tropic Breeze, Carribean Spirit, Easy Mint, Ruby Berry and Winter Chill. LYFT has also been available on market in different shapes for every user preferences as slim all white and mini all white portion for more discret use.

These flavours will be available on new VELO nicotine pouches.

Velo statement on their webpage:

Change can be difficult. Even the bravest think so scary to leave their comfortable zone and step on unknown ground. But change is necessary. It’s the only way that leads forward – too a small action can contribute to a better future. By launching Velo, we hope that in our own way be able to offer a more sustainable choice. For us, change is not about abandoning the old. It is about building on our strengths at the same time as we continuously evolving and getting better. This is an opportunity: our opportunity to shoulder new responsibilities and become part of a more sustainable future.

Velo has started something they call ”VELO Clean Up Tour” an stating on ther webpage

We are now launching an additional sustainability initiative, where we urge our users to return their empty cans in a sustainable way in order to reduce our impact on the environment and make it a part of their everyday lives. We are planning more initiatives soon, and we are currently looking at being able to improve our material choices when it comes to packaging to make it easier and better to recycle. One small step at a time, towards a better future.

VELO also presents a launching of a app that will help customers recycle their cans and collect points to get rewards that can be used for diffrent offers, or you can donate to charity. Check out Bower app in App Store or Google Play. This is a very good initiative an we at Svea tobacco will start scanning packs, recycle and donate.

We are excited and proud to be offering VELO to our customers, check out their line up!