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Al Capone Berry Dry Mini

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Flavour of sweet berries with a classic tobacco taste.


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A Flavorful Journey of Sweet Berries and Classic Tobacco

Al Capone Berry Dry Mini is an exquisite mini snus that brings together the delightful flavors of sweet berries and traditional tobacco. Crafted into dry mini portions, this snus offers a lasting experience without the need for refrigeration. With its base of purified tobacco, it’s a cleaner, more refined offering that’s both delicious and satisfying.

Flavor Profile

  • Sweet Berries: A burst of berry goodness adds a fruity, sweet contrast to the classic tobacco base.
  • Classic Tobacco: The foundational flavor that gives the snus its depth and traditional appeal.

Nicotine & Portion

  • Long-Lasting: Thanks to its dry mini portions, this snus provides a sustained release of flavor and nicotine.
  • Purified Tobacco: Utilizing a cleaner, more refined tobacco base ensures a high-quality snus experience.

Pouch Specifications

  • Dry Mini Portions: Designed for discretion and comfort, these mini portions are dry, allowing for a long-lasting snus experience.
  • No Refrigeration Required: The convenience of not needing refrigeration makes it ideal for on-the-go use.

Pairing Suggestions

  • Fruit Cocktails: Complement the berry flavors with a refreshing fruit cocktail or smoothie.
  • Earl Grey Tea: The bergamot in Earl Grey could offer an interesting contrast to the sweet and fruity notes of the snus.
  • Red Wine: A light red wine could work well with the berry flavors, elevating your snus experience to a new level.

Al Capone Berry Dry Mini is a masterful blend of modern convenience and traditional flavors. Its combination of sweet berries and classic tobacco in dry mini portions makes it a unique, long-lasting product that’s perfect for today’s snus user. Whether you’re new to snus or a longtime enthusiast, Al Capone Berry Dry Mini offers a nuanced, pleasurable experience that’s easy to enjoy anytime, anywhere.

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