Granit Loose

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Traditional Swedish snus experience with taste of bergamot and pepper


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A Classic Swedish Snus Experience Like No Other

Discover True Authenticity: If you’re seeking the genuine, authentic taste of Swedish snus, then it’s time to embrace the world of loose snus. Granit Loose embodies the essence of tradition. Its tobacco flavor is a symphony of richness, depth, and darkness, harmoniously blended with a fiery hint of spicy pepper. To round out this exceptional profile, a fresh note of bergamot and a touch of salt add the finishing touches.

Unleash the Full Experience: Loose snus may seem daunting to some, with concerns about molding it into a perfect prilla and doubts about its ability to stay in place under the lip. Fear not, for Granit Loose boasts a medium grind, making it remarkably easy to hand bake into your preferred size and shape. Once in place, it adheres securely under your lip, ensuring an immediate and efficient release of its exquisite flavors.

Budget-Friendly Brilliance: While Granit is known for its affordability, its taste defies expectations. Despite its budget-friendly nature, loose snus offers approximately twice the amount of snus compared to portioned cans. This combination of exceptional flavor and cost-effectiveness solidifies Granit as one of the finest options available on the market today.

Ingredients That Matter: Transparency is paramount in the world of snus. Granit Loose contains water, tobacco, humectants (E422, E1520), flavor enhancers (saline), acidity regulators (E500), potato starch, salmiak, color (E150a), and an array of thoughtfully selected aromas, including the unmistakable smoke flavor. Each ingredient is meticulously chosen to ensure that every pinch of Granit Loose delivers an unforgettable snus experience.

Unveil the Classic Tradition: Granit Loose isn’t just snus; it’s a journey into the heart of Swedish snus tradition. Whether you’re an experienced snus enthusiast or a newcomer, Granit offers an unparalleled snus experience that bridges the past and the present.

Experience the Essence of Granit: Elevate your snus journey with Granit Loose. Experience the genuine flavors, rich heritage, and undeniable quality of this classic Swedish snus. Discover why Granit is celebrated by snus enthusiasts worldwide.

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Acidity regulating agent (E500), Aromas, Flavor enhancers (saline), Humectants (E1520), Salmiak, Smoke flavor, Tobacco, Water