LD Original Portion Strong

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Traditional low price snus with tobacco flavor of bergamot and citrus.


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A Powerful Classic from Nordic Snus

LD Original Portion Strong is a snus that caters to aficionados who appreciate a classic tobacco profile but are looking for that extra kick. Produced by Nordic Snus, a company steeped in Swedish tradition, this snus offers a potent blend that’s sure to delight the senses.

Flavor Profile

  • Tobacco Base: A dominant, straightforward tobacco flavor serves as the cornerstone of LD Original Portion Strong.
  • Bergamot & Citrus: The classic touch of bergamot and a sprinkle of citrus zest provide a refreshing layer of complexity.

Portion & Pouch

  • Original & Plump: Weighing in at 0.9 grams, the original portion is satisfyingly plump, ensuring a full upper lip and an immersive snus experience.
  • Moist Surface: The moist texture of the pouch allows for quick and efficient release of both flavor and nicotine.

Nicotine Strength

  • Strong: A nicotine content of 14 mg/g classifies this as a strong snus, ideal for those who desire a robust and intense snus experience.

Heritage & Production

  • Historic Mill: Nordic Snus operates out of a historic mill in Vårgårda, Sweden, a facility dating back to 1432, lending a sense of heritage to every can of snus they produce.
  • Traditional Methods: Upholding centuries-old methods, Nordic Snus focuses on using classical ingredients and techniques in their production.

User Experience

  • Quick Release: The moist surface ensures that both the robust flavors and high nicotine content are released swiftly upon placing under the lip.
  • Traditional Feel: LD Original Portion Strong maintains a traditional feel while packing a stronger punch, making it a perfect snus for those seeking to level up their experience.

LD Original Portion Strong is more than just a traditional snus; it’s a snus with an extra edge. Between its robust tobacco flavor, accented with notes of bergamot and citrus, and its above-average nicotine content, this is a snus designed for the seasoned user. When you consider the historic lineage and traditional crafting methods employed by Nordic Snus,LD Original Portion Strong stands as a testament to the rich tapestry of snus history while offering an intensely satisfying modern experience.


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