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Classic Scandinavian flavors of violet and salmiak


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A Masterful Blend of Tradition and Innovation by Swedish Match

ONE Lila, another remarkable addition to Swedish Match’s ONE series, stands out as a budget-friendly yet premium snus offering. Its intricate flavor profile is rooted in a spicy tobacco base, elevated by an extraordinary mix of violet, salmiak, sweet licorice, bergamot, and pepper. With a strong nicotine content of 13 mg/portion, this snus is ideal for users seeking a powerful snus experience without compromising on quality.

Flavor Dynamics

  • Spicy Tobacco Base: Provides a complex and robust foundation for the snus.
  • Violet & Salmiak: Lend floral and salty undertones, creating a rich, multi-dimensional taste.
  • Sweet Licorice, Bergamot, & Pepper: Add layers of sweetness, citrus, and heat, making each portion a journey through diverse flavor profiles.

Nicotine Strength and Portion Format

  • Strong Nicotine Content: At 13 mg/portion, this snus targets those who crave a robust kick.
  • Long-lasting Release: The moist interior and dry exterior of the white portions ensure a prolonged and minimal-drip experience.

Portion Quality

  • Generous Sizing: Each portion comes filled with a full 1 gram of tobacco, creating a plump feel under the lip.
  • Cutting-edge Portion Material: What sets this snus apart is the ultra-thin and soft portion material that enables you to get exceptionally close to the tobacco, minus any gum discomfort or mess associated with loose snus.

Complementing Beverages

  • Earl Grey Tea: To highlight the bergamot notes, Earl Grey tea would be a perfect pairing.
  • Salmiak Liqueur: For those who enjoy the salmiak flavor, a shot of salmiak liqueur can intensify the experience.
  • Red Wine: A glass of spicy red wine like Syrah or Zinfandel can complement the snus’s peppery undertones.

Debuting alongside ONE Orange in mid-2022, ONE Lila showcases Swedish Match’s commitment to delivering quality snus at an accessible price point. With its revamped tobacco blend, innovative portion technology, and intriguing flavors, ONE Lila has quickly earned its place among the top choices for discerning snus users.

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