ONE Orange

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Various notes such as Sea buckthorn, hibiscus and a hint of citrus


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A Modern Take on a Classic, Infused with Nuanced Flavors

ONE Orange emerges as a stellar product from the collaboration between the iconic Göteborgs Rapé and innovative Swedish Match. This snus embodies the best of both worlds, combining traditional elements with modern flair. With a bright, slightly sour tobacco base reminiscent of Rapé, it elevates the experience by layering in complex flavors like hibiscus, sea buckthorn, citrus, and tea. With a strong nicotine content of 13 mg/portion, it’s designed for those who seek a robust snus adventure.

Flavor Profile

  • Sour Tobacco Base: Adds brightness and a zesty kick to the blend.
  • Hibiscus & Sea Buckthorn: Impart an exotic, fruity depth, enriching the flavor profile.
  • Citrus & Tea: Add a refreshing twist and aromatic nuance, giving the snus a balanced complexity.

Nicotine & Portion

  • Strong Nicotine Content: At 13 mg/portion, this snus is best suited for seasoned users looking for a potent kick.
  • Steady Release: Designed to deliver a consistent nicotine release over a period of 45 minutes to an hour.

Pouch Specifications

  • Large Format: Each portion is generously packed with 1 gram of tobacco.
  • Optimal Moisture Level: Features a dry surface but moist contents, ensuring a long-lasting, low-drip release.
  • Luxurious Portion Material: The paper-thin, silky-smooth material enhances the overall experience, allowing for a closer interaction with the tobacco’s subtleties.

Pairing Suggestions

  • Citrus Cocktails: A citrus-based cocktail like a Mojito or a Margarita would accentuate the citrus notes in this snus.
  • Green Tea: To highlight the tea undertones, consider pairing it with a soothing cup of green tea.
  • Fruit-infused Water: A simple glass of water infused with slices of citrus fruits or berries can serve as a refreshing complement.

Despite its budget-friendly price, ONE Orange is often considered on par with more premium brands like General and Ettan, underscoring its high-quality composition and rich flavor profile. Introduced to the ONE line in 2022, this product symbolizes what happens when tradition meets innovation—a snus experience that’s both authentically Swedish and thoroughly modern.

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