Super strong




Super strong

Siberia 80 Brown Portion

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A really strong snus with a minty and clear tobacco taste


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A Powerhouse in Strength and Flavor

Siberia 80 Brown Portion by GN Tobacco is not for the faint of heart. With a jaw-dropping 43mg/g of nicotine, this snus stands in a league of its own in terms of strength. Yet, what makes it truly captivating is its intricately crafted flavor profile that manages to hold its own against its immense strength.

Flavor Profile

  • Peppermint: The sharp, almost piercing taste of peppermint brings an immediate sting under the lip, adding a refreshing yet intense element.
  • Tobacco: Behind the burst of peppermint lies a rich and dark tobacco flavor that beautifully complements the mint, offering a grounded, earthy base.

Nicotine Strength

  • Highly Potent: With a staggering 43mg/g of nicotine, this is one of the strongest snus products on the market.

Portion Type

  • Brown Portion: These portions are moist, designed to release both flavor and nicotine efficiently and instantaneously.

Product Details

  • Immediate Release: The moist portions allow for an almost instantaneous release of nicotine, ensuring you experience the full effect within minutes.
  • Portion Comfort: GN Tobacco shows expertise in portion design, offering high comfort levels for a more enjoyable experience.

Perfect Pairings

  • Cold Water: To balance the burning sensation, sipping cold water could offer a refreshing counterpoint.
  • Dark Chocolate: The bitterness of dark chocolate can complement the rich tobacco notes, providing an added layer of complexity.
  • Ginger Ale: The spiciness of ginger ale could enhance the peppermint’s zing, making for an interesting pairing.

Don’t let the extreme strength fool you into thinking that Siberia 80 Brown Portion is a one-trick pony focusing solely on nicotine content. The blend offers a well-balanced and delicious flavor profile that satisfies both the need for intensity and the desire for complexity. If you’re an experienced snus user looking for a powerful but balanced experience, this snus is a must-try. But be warned, its potency is not to be taken lightly.


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