Smålands Brukssnus Loose

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Quick flavor delivery, easy to bake and a nice kick. A great loose snus


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Experience Classic Flavor and Flexibility

Delving into the World of Smålands Brukssnus Loose Snus: Smålands Brukssnus Loose unveils a classic snus experience, boasting a rich tobacco flavor and a moderate nicotine strength. This snus provides the perfect blend for those seeking the true essence of traditional snus.

Tailored Portions to Suit Your Preference: The beauty of Smålands Brukssnus Loose lies in its flexibility. The weight per portion and the number of portions per can entirely depend on your personal crafting. How you shape these portions is entirely up to you, allowing you to tailor the snus experience to your liking.

Balanced Moisture Levels for Optimal Enjoyment: Smålands Brukssnus Loose maintains a standard moisture level, ensuring that each portion delivers an enjoyable experience. For those making larger orders, it’s advisable to store the snus in a cool environment to retain its moisture and keep it at its freshest.

Understanding Nicotine Content and Flexibility: The nicotine content per portion is also contingent on the size of the portion you create. With a 1% nicotine content, Smålands Brukssnus Loose caters to those who appreciate a moderate yet satisfying nicotine kick. The snus is designed to adapt to your preferences.

Unveiling the Ingredients: This product is carefully crafted using a blend of water, tobacco, moisture-preserving agents, flavor enhancers, acidity regulators, and aromas. Each ingredient is meticulously chosen to ensure the classic snus flavor is captured perfectly.

A Taste of Tradition from Småland: In the heart of Småland, a region known for its rich traditions, Smålands Brukssnus Loose embodies the essence of classic snus. With its traditional taste and moderate strength, this snus is a homage to the legacy of snus-making in Småland.

Embrace the Classic, Experience the Norm: Smålands Brukssnus Loose invites you to experience the classic taste of Swedish snus with a touch of individuality. The ability to mold each portion according to your preference makes it a versatile choice for those who appreciate both tradition and customization.

The classic snus flavor, the adaptable nicotine levels, and the option to shape your portions make it a delightful choice for snus enthusiasts. Allow yourself to indulge in a traditional yet personalized snus journey with Smålands Brukssnus Loose.

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Acidity regulator (E500), Aromas., Flavor enhancer (saline), Humectants (E1520), Tobacco, Water