Different snus types and formats

Brown or white. Big or small. Round or square? Basically, the snus pouch is a teabag with a new application. It’s made of cellulose paper and held together by a binder substance.

The brown bag is damp on the surface, because it is dampened after the snus is inserted. This pouch delivers flavor and nicotine quicker than the white pouch, where the pouch surface is dry but the contents damp. The white pouch releases flavor and Both brown and white pouches come in a variety of sizes and shapes.

Snus types

Loose – You bake “prillan” at size you decide. This creates at fast, more even and deeper flavor.

Original portion – The tobacco is portion-packed and then moistened. Original portions are moist on the surface, dark in color and, like loose snus, give a quick taste and nicotine experience.

White Portion – unlike Original Portion is not moisturized and thus flows less. Also consists mostly of tobacco, but is drier on the surface and with a moist content. This gives a snus with a slower, but smoother taste.

All White – consists of a mixture of cellulose and a smaller proportion of tobacco than in traditional snus. The smaller proportion of tobacco combined with the all-white bag contributes to the prills being whiter than White Portion.

Nicotine pouches – contain a unique blend of fresh flavors, natural fibers, nicotine and chew base filler in order to look discreet while still delivering a strong nicotine release.

Snus formats

Large – is standard-sized and has a rectangular shape and a portion weight of about 0.9 to 1.1 grams. The brown pouch is often just called portion or original on the box.

Miniportion – usually weighs around 0.5 grams and is hardly noticeable under the lip. The total nicotine level is less due to the smaller amount of tobacco, even though the miniportion has the same nicotine strength as a typical-sized portion.

Slim portion’s – shape is long, rounded, and slimmer, which makes it sit comfortably in place. It’s made to be less visible but still fills out under the lip.

Sometimes you’ll see other designations such as slim large, medium slim, longer plus, and maxi. Their shapes are slightly different from those listed above—this is mostly an attempt by manufacturers to set themselves apart from the competition.
What’s more, newly patented pouches are being launched. One, Sting Free, is a “sting-free” pouch portion, and the 2-in-1 pouch is a portion where you can change the flavor by turning the pouch in your mouth.