The rebranded LYFT


British American Tobacco is relaunching the Lyft brand featuring facelifted cans with a more modern design, flexible lids with catch technology, and more pouches per can.

By working with more focus on sustainability, the pouches will come in an 83% biodegradable can, with a new and lustrous design. The innovative feature of the FLEX LOCK catch lid increases the storage space for your used pouches.

With Lyft’s optimal level of PH and the high moister content, the products release an ultra-quick flavor and nicotine fix. The pouches are slim, soft, and all-white, which makes them pleasant and discreet under the lip. Three different flavors are launching in 2022.

Barista Twist

The smooth and creamy LYFT Barista Twist Regular is a perfect addition to your daily cup of coffee. It has a distinct taste of freshly made coffee and a rich roasted character of nuts; that adds depth and complexity to the flavor.

Cool Air

LYFT Cool Air is a sensational refreshing blend of fresh icy mint that will provide you with an uplifting boost all day. This product has a nicotine content of 6–10,9mg per pouch, which ensures that it will deliver a smooth and consistent kick.

lyft cool air

Just Bloom

If you crave a more complex, or maybe interesting, flavor experience – LYFT Just Bloom is a great choice. It has a robust apple cider character, complemented by a variety of sweet, savory, and crisp notes. The nicotine content of 6 or 10mg per pouch, makes it an ideal all-day product.