Skruf no. 33 Loose Strong

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Offers a normal strength, accompanied by a gentle blend of tobacco, bergamot, and rose oil


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A Well-Balanced Snus Experience

Introducing Skruf No. 33 Loose Strong: Skruf Snus AB proudly presents Skruf No. 33 Loose Strong, a medium-coarse loose snus that encapsulates the essence of balanced strength and flavor. This snus offers a normal strength, accompanied by a gentle blend of tobacco, bergamot, and rose oil. The taste of tobacco is smooth and harmoniously balanced, steering clear of the overpowering sharpness that some tobacco types may possess. The bergamot notes cut through the mildness of the tobacco, infusing a citrusy sensation, while the rose oil adds a floral essence that complements the interplay of tobacco and bergamot.

Exploring the Composition of Skruf No. 33 Loose Strong: This snus maintains a standard moisture level typical of loose snus. Its ingredients include water, fillers, salt, xylitol, nicotine, acidity regulators, sweeteners, and flavors. Each can allows you the flexibility to choose the quantity of portions based on the size of your prilla. The total snus weight per can is 42 grams.

Skruf Snus AB: A Commitment to Quality: Skruf Snus AB is renowned for its dedication to producing high-quality snus products. With a history rooted in crafting exceptional snus, Skruf Snus AB consistently delivers products that meet the expectations of snus enthusiasts worldwide.

A Wholesome Snus Experience: This product invites you to savor a well-balanced and refined snus experience. Its carefully curated blend of ingredients ensures a snus adventure that is both satisfying and delightful. The interplay of flavors provides a nuanced journey for your taste buds.

How to Enjoy Skruf No. 33 Loose Strong: To make the most of this snus, take a portion of the desired size and shape, and place it comfortably under your lip. Allow the flavors to slowly release, providing a long-lasting and enjoyable snus experience.

Skruf No. 33 Loose Strong stands as a testament to the craftsmanship and commitment of Skruf Snus AB to deliver quality snus to its discerning customers. Explore the world of Skruf snus and embrace the balanced flavors and gentle strength that Skruf No. 33 Loose Strong has to offer. Elevate your snus experience with this thoughtfully crafted loose snus blend.

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Bergamot, Rose oil

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